Unique Spotlight – The Traveller

“Not all those who wander are lost” – JRR Tolkien
You will find The Traveller wandering the world, you just have to catch him and he’s yours.
Mind you don’t get bitten though!

Owner: greyhoundjane

How To Get: All Travellers, TD and above, were recycled into the wild for you to find. He was created for the fun of the game and is free to all. Hunt him, catch him, share him, take him on your travels an leave him in far away places. If you Find one who’s been sat in one place too long, recycle him an send him on his way. Watch out for that luggage though… it bites!
*please be aware you approach this unique at your own risk, the creator holds no responsibility or liability once in the wild. However, we do suggest a good set of chainmail, gloves, and checking your tetanus is up to date.

Meaning: One of my favourite Personal Uniques is Forman’s ‘The Recycler.’ Not only a fabulous item, but a fun one. The fact you have to go find him adds to the fun and challenge of the game. Thank you, Forman, for starting this craze (though I still haven’t found one in my garage 😉). The Traveller is based on two characters from Sir Terry Pratchetts “ Disc World “ series of books. The wizard Rincewind & his luggage.

Which number unique is this for you? It is my second unique.

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