Unique Friday 07-22

Friday is here and we’re ready to showcase the next few Uniques Andy has whipped up! Be sure to show patience with these Unique owners, as it takes time to get everyone’s requests in order.

J.R. Isidore

  • Description: “In this dark world where he now dwelt, ugly things and surprising things and once in a long while a tiny wondrous thing spilled out at him constantly; he could count on nothing.” Phillip K. Dick
  • Owner: MikePastry47
  • How to Get: This unique is available to those who provide a 4747.


  • Description: The dove is a symbol for peace, grace, love, devotion, and the soul.
  • Owner: Michal
  • How to Get: This unique is available for any of Michal’s missing uniques.

Lily Judith Marie

  • Description:
  • Owner: Kergillian
  • How to Get: Please contact Kergillian.

My Rosie, My Heart

  • Description: Not all soul mates are human. Some have four legs & scruffy fur. You were always my favorite hello, and you’ll always be my hardest goodbye. Because I knew you, I have been changed for good.
    – 07/4/16 –
  • Owner: MaryPutty
  • How to Get: MaryPutty will be offering TDs for an item under 122, where I don’t already have 122 saved. DDs will be handled in a manner to be determined.

Limehouse Lime Kiln

  • Description: A tribute to my favourite hiking spot. This draw kiln was built around 1870. It sits in the Limehouse Conservation Area along with other abandoned mill structures. Sadly few have been preserved.
  • Owner: Neilsmom
  • How to Get: This unique is available to those who provide a 1111 or 2112.

Welcome to Kentucky

  • Description: Home of the Kentucky Derby and Great Horses!
  • Owner: WallaBeeProf
  • How to Get: Please contact WallaBeeProf.
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