The Beginning…

It Is Time!

The time has finally come! Your clan’s first assignment is about to begin. As we begin this tale, I wanted to give a post reassuring you all that this is planned to be a fun set, with no points for the number range of items. We have some very exciting twists and turns planned for you, in both storyline and item releases. If you don’t want to participate in the fun clan activities, you are welcome to collect the items like they normally come out, but it will be much more fun to participate with your clan members.

Now that that’s been said, lets get this story started. Here are the guidelines for the first item.

  • Due before 5pm UTC tomorrow, the 29th.
  • If your normal representative is unable to participate before the above time, please have someone else submit the final idea.
  • Submissions will be made through either email or the submission form.
  • If no clan is close to the beginning of the story, then that point will be lost and it will result in a default storyline description. If a team doesn’t get a submission in by the time stamp, then they forfeit the chance at getting that point.

Any questions? Please send an email to support.

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