2016 Announcement

Hey Everyone,

Where do we begin?

We are so sorry for all of the downtimes over the past 2 weeks. Our current server provider (Linode) was getting DDoS attacks over the holiday season, and as a result, all of our user interface and backend was down. We also apologize for the immediate lack of communication on the downtimes during the holiday week. This community is the most important aspect of the game, and we left you without knowing what was fully going on. One of our New Year?s Resolutions is to make sure that doesn?t happen in the future.

Double Honeycombs & Locks

This sale has now ended.

Better Communication/BK Hunt Update

As we strive for better communication with you, we appreciate the amount of patience you have already presented us. As we begin to grow the community closer together, this communication will be evermore necessary. With that being said, we will begin looking at the BK applications over the coming weeks, as the application process closed Jan 1st. We request patience as the submittals are reviewed. There is no timeframe for announcements of who made it, but you can be sure that once we make our decision, you all will know.


We are beginning this first week of 2016 focusing on getting the rest of the emails out to those of you who contributed toward our KickStarter campaign. We really do appreciate your patience. Hang on tight! They?re coming!

Push Notifications

Scott is currently looking into it. There was a switch over, as the previous host of WB?s push notifications is shutting down. We will have updates for you as we get them.

New Items?

Please comment below with your response. Do you want a new item to wait until Linode is back to 100%? New item now? We want to hear from you.

New Set

The final thing for this update is a sneak-peek at our next set, which will be coming soon:

No, the set is not called Throwback Thursday. As we continue to be community-minded, we want to highlight some of WallaBee’s Legacy.

Thank you all for your support. We Love you guys!

Any additional questions, comments, concerns? Email: support@wallabeegame.com

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