3.1 Release Notes

Hello Collectors!

WallaBee’s update with Prestige Items and Saving Variants is now rolling out on iOS and Android! Here are some quick notes to read through while you wait for the update to reach your app store of choice.

Prestige Items

With over 26 million items floating around the world of WallaBee, there’s always plenty of items to collect. While you may have already completed all of your sets, you may be struggling with what to do next. Prestige Items offer a great way to continue hunting down the items you know and love, for a whole new experience!

Creating Prestige Items

There are two different ways to create Prestige Items. Collectibles (Wallagraphics, Exclusives, Uniques) cannot be made into Prestige Items.

  1. Use Royal Jellies (RJ) by selecting the Prestige button while looking at an item.
  2. Mix the new Prestige-O-Matic item with the item you want to prestige.
    • The Prestige-O-Matic can also be used to turn a Prestige Item into a normal item. This will remove all levels earned with your Prestige Item!

Leveling System

  • Mix normal copies of the same item with your Prestige Item to build up its level.
    • Edit: Copies need to be over #5,000 to build up a Prestige Item.
  • Levels begin at 1 and climb to 100, with 5 total tiers of rarity along the way.
  • Each rarity tier has a different requirement of required copies mixed before a new level is achieved.
  • Prestige Levels can be swapped between two Prestige Items of the same type by mixing them together.

Prestige Sets

If each item within a given set is a Prestige Item, the set will gain a bejeweled frame indicating the lowest common rarity tier achieved.

Saving Variants

  • Collections can now hold multiple of the same item type by saving a variant you don’t already have in your collection.
  • When two or more variants are saved in your set, you can highlight which shows within your set by ensuring the eye icon is toggled on from the Item View.
  • Attempting to save a variant you already have saved will prompt a swap option.
  • Exceptions to saving all variant types include, but may not be limited to: Butterflies.

Other Notable Adjustments

Maintenance Mode

WallaBee sometimes has issues or updates that require the game to stop running like normal. We have now added a Maintenance Mode that will not allow you access to the game and give you a helpful reason as to why.

Item History

Visual changes have been made to the Item History view. An item’s history will now slide up to view instead of taking another full page. This was intended to release with 3.0, but missed the deadline. You can slide this screen down or tap out of it to view the item again.

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