Memorial Accounts

Hello Collectors,

It is with a heavy heart that I write this blog post for our community. A dear friend of so many of us has passed away, leaving the world a little less than it previously was. We have just been informed that ChucksGhost passed away yesterday – June 17th, 2020.


Chuck was an integral part of WallaBee and the community, being one of the first people outside of staff and testers to play the game. He loved the players in the community and actively worked toward sharing that love with all of you through trading his Uniques. His favorite number was #4, which he traded fairly for whenever he could. So many more words can be (and should be) shared about Chuck, but I’m currently at a loss for words. I’ll make a post in the forums in WallaBee chat so everyone can share their memories.

Additionally, we will have a new type of account for past and future players who have passed away: Memorial Accounts. Think of these accounts as virtual places of memory. Chuck left a legacy that we want to honor, taking his dying wish into consideration by returning his 4’s collect to certain players that helped build that collection. All Memorial accounts will retain all of their Uniques. Staff will occasionally move any unsaved Unique from their pouch into their set, but we ask that you don’t spam these accounts with Uniques and fill their pouch. For the present time, these accounts will show the same as normal within the app, but will have a new title added to the website. Itembrowser will also be adding this information to their website.

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