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January 31, 2020

New Staff-Issued Player Awards!

Hello Collectors!

We’re looking to increase the presence of our player community! To this end, we’ve created a new type of item that will be given as a one-of-a-kind Player Award to those who participate in contests on social media and the forums! In fact, we have a contest coming this weekend! Keep an eye out for your chance to get your hands on the first one!


  • Plaques come in bronze, silver, and gold.
    • Depending on the contest, any (but not necessarily all) will be up for grabs. The first contest dated after this blog post will only award the bronze plaque.
  • Plaques will be inscribed with your WallaBee username and the date of the contest that you won.
    • Always include your WallaBee username in your contest entry.
    • Depending on the contest, we may require other information — make sure to read our contest instructions carefully!
  • Submit your BEST entry for each contest! WallaBee staff will be judging entries to ensure those plaque winners are worthy!
    • Multiple tweets/comments/etc will not increase your chances.
  • Contests will be FREE! No purchase necessary to enter!
  • Plaques will be awarded at the earliest opportunity after any stated contest period.
    • The Thumbs-Up Plaque will be a one-of-a-kind exclusive WallaBee Item available ONLY to contest winners.
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January 30, 2020

WallaFig Rotation | February 1st

Hello Collectors!

Our staff would like to begin by thanking our wonderful players who continue to play and support the game. Without you, we wouldn’t still be doing what we’re doing. One thing that our staff (mostly Robbie) likes to do is mix things up a bit in order to keep you entertained with something new. Who doesn’t like new?! As we continue our line of WallaFigs (WallaFigures, not WallaBee-striped figs) we will be rotating out some of our seasonal options and replacing them with some new offerings! Here is a list of options that will be rotated out beginning February 1st.

  • Patterns: Red, Green, Yellow, Dark Wood, Prickly Foliage, Gingerbread man
  • Stickers: Tattoos
  • Outfit: Plant pot shoes, Fairy Lights (both)

We also wanted to take a moment to highlight some of the new options joining the remaining designs. While this preview doesn’t contain every new addition, it does highlight some of our favorites.

As a reminder, purchasing the “Build-A-Unique Workship” gives you two Uniques: the Gift Box and the WallaFig. Please design both, using the links within the product description, and submit them around the same time so they can be tied together easily. Opening Gift Boxes reveal your WallaFig inside, giving the recipient the same number WallaFig as the Gift Box that was opened. For more detailed information on WallaFigs and Gift Boxes, you can read this blog post.

You can preview the new options here.

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