July BAU Contest Details

The time is running out for our July Build-A-Unique Summer Ice Extravaganza! And while we all scream for Ice Cream Cones and Ice Lollies, our Golden Scooper Contest might have you screaming even louder in celebration!

Date + Time

  • Both the Golden Scooper Contest and July BAU are currently open until July 31, 2019, at 11:00 a.m. CDT (UTC -5)


  • Share a photo of your Summer Ice July BAU creation with us on Facebook, Twitter, OR Instagram
    • Tag the photo with #GoldenScooper to be considered eligible
    • Include your WallaBee Username in the caption
  • The contest is currently open to ALL players. Only ONE entry necessary per player
    • Multiple tweets/comments/etc will not increase your chances
  • This contest is FREE! No purchase necessary to enter! You will have two options for creating your contest submission:
    • You may purchase the BAU Summer Ice Extravaganza in the Freeze Tag Store for $50 (Full information HERE)
    • You may use the Preview Tool to create live previews of your BAU (and submit a screenshot without purchase)
  • One lucky winner will be randomly chosen and awarded the Golden Scooper on August 1
    • The Golden Scooper is a one-of-a-kind exclusive WallaBee Item available ONLY to the contest winner
    • The end of the competition will kickstart a Themed Exclusive set of unissued items from the Ice Scream set (anyone like chocolate?)

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