Weekly Buzz – 04/20/18

Hello Collectors,

Sorry we missed you last week! We’re still here and kicking with two weeks worth of updates for you. Enjoy!

Behind the Curtain

WallaBee Update 2.2.4 was released this week, with some fun new aspects to the game. Players can now better organize their Uniques with built-in sorting and easy to understand categories. The Market got a small facelift with the ability to buy certain items whenever you want. No need to stalk the stores for hours just to find some sushi (about time). Speaking of stores, there’s only two for the meantime. We removed Retrobee and Mixing Mayhem to help test app processing and battery consumption. Other stores may come and go with app changes and holidays. To read up on all the changes made in this update, please check out the Update Notes.

Ivory Coins are back! Player Unique owners receive Ivory Coins when certain milestones are reached with their unique. These milestones include having a certain number saved or distributed.

  • Saved: 500,600,700,800,900,1000,1200,1400,1600, etc.
  • Distributed: 25k, 50k, 75k, 100k

Benson has hit the street with even more numbers than before: 50! Check and see if any are in your neighborhood! Remember, he only visits Verified Monuments – so make sure your monuments have a check mark on the top-left corner.

We will be conducting some tests for an upcoming gameplay feature. Please don’t be alarmed if you see a new item and don’t know how to get it. All things will be revealed soon!


Recent Item Highlights

Player Unique Spotlight

With more and more Player Uniques coming out, we want to spend a respectable amount of time learning more about them. Over the past two weeks, our Player Unique Spotlight has highlighted The 40mph Couch Potato and Foraging Fox. You can read more about these uniques here.

The 40mph Couch Potato


Foraging Fox


This Week In WallaBee History | April 16th – 22nd

April 19th, 2017: We spent Another Night In The Forest looking for the elusive sqauatch, with only an old photograph as evidence.

April 20th, 2014: Bunny Scissors released, allowing the previous year’s Easter Box to finally be opened! What was inside? The Easter Hen, of course. Mixing a colored egg with the Easter Hen would hatch an Easter Chick… talk about Eggshausting.

April 22nd, 2016: The greatest item of all time came out. We won’t tell you what it was, you’ll have to tell us. #WallaBeeTrivia

Room For Growth

We have compiled a list of issues that we are currently working on. If you find something that doesn’t fit into this list, please reach out to us and let us know.

  • Battery drains like crazy
    • Under investigation.
  • Forum Notifications/Count are missing
    • Coming in a future update.
  • General slowness
    • Under investigation. Ram Issue.
  • Layout Issue (Android Specific) – Entering the app through a push notification, from a landscape-based app, makes the layout freakout.
    • Investigating.
  • Random Crashes (especially on older devices)
    • We have discovered that the ram needed for the app fluctuates way more than it should, sometimes peaking over 1gb, which can cause older devices to crash. We are investigating what is causing this, so that we can enhance app performance.
  • Store Item and Icon don’t match during drop
    • Under investigation. At the moment, there is a chance that the previous item image will linger, even though the item has updated to the next one in line (viewable by the honeycomb price and set icon).
  • Store purchases hang up for a long time
    • Under investigation. We’re so sorry for those effected by this issue… which should be everyone during a drop. Other times, it runs like a champ.

Any additional questions, comments, concerns? Email: support@wallabeegame.com

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