Unique Spotlight – WallaBits

There are only 10 types of people in the world: those who understand binary, and those who don’t.

Owner: Staffan

How To Get: 10hc in the Unique store, or just send me a message and I’ll send you one. Or 10. Or 11.

Meaning: This item was created to emphasize my walla-persona, the Binary Man. In real life I don’t care much about ones and zeros (apart from working in the IT industry), but in WallaBee I’m completely obsessed with them. And why is that? one might ask. Well. Short story long: I started playing this game at day 1 back in 2012. By chance I got a handful of #1000s, it was like they begged me to let them be my collected number. Fine! I worked hard, I got a lot of them. Everyone was happy. A year later I decided to quit (a completely different story), and to prevent myself from coming back I recycled all my #1000s (oh, and all my primary TD Eggs, has anyone seen them?). And yet another year later, I was talked back into the game. Empty sets. Several other people had started collecting #1000s (possibly because the swarm had picked up the ones I recycled, and now they were popping out of the mixing pool in large numbers). So I figured I needed a backup number in my new quest, as it wasn’t going to be as easy to get those #1000s as back in the days. Or a backup pattern rather. And suddenly the idea of being a binary collector was born. #1s, #10s, #101s, #1000s, #10110011s, you name it. They all fit. Problem solved! Today all my set items are binary, I have a stash of 4000 binary spares, and my own little binary museum. Andy did a truly awesome job with this, and it really represents my gameplay. A happy little WallaBug in the colors of my flag, everything made up of ones and zeros. It’s me!

Which number unique is this for you? My very first

Closing Thoughts: I’m slowly trying to fill the world with more 1s & 0s. Please help me recycle my bees!

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