Unique Spotlight – Jack Frost

Likes long walks in the snow, picking violets, and playing WallaBee.

Owner: Violet
How To Get: “Triple Digits of Jack Frost and my other unique, Will o’ Wisp, are available for three types of trades:

1) A missing TD unique
2) A missing sub 200 set item
3) A missing sub 500 set item if the item is also below 500 RB.

Meaning: “I chose a snowman for my unique because I enjoy the winter holiday season and being outside hiking and skiing in the snow. I loved the special holiday WB activities last year including the player Santa gift exchange, mixing gift boxes, making all the colored santa hats, and the cooperative play crackers.”
Which number unique is this for you? Jack Frost is my second unique. He has two varieties, one with a red scarf and one with a blue scarf.

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