Weekly Buzz – 11/09/2017

Hello Collectors,

We have recently heard from the community that you feel disconnected. You want updates in one place and one place only. Well, the fact of the matter is, we agree with you. We are excited to bring a new segment to the blog that should help with this. Our goal for this new blog series is to give you a week’s worth of information in one shot. This will help consolidate some of the confusion regarding new gameplay development, which items have come out recently, which issues are known (and being worked on), and more.

So, without further ado, we present to you our first edition of the Weekly Buzz.

Gameplay Development

You’re about to give a ‘hip hip hooray’ with today’s information. The WallaBee team has been hard at work creating new gameplay elements, while working out fixed for current issues. We’ll discuss these issues in just a bit, but we want to focus on the positives. New players and Legacy players alike will be happy to hear that navigation within the app is getting an overhaul.

V1 of WallaBee had a handy ‘super close’ ability when tapping any of the bottom navigation tabs. This was something that we couldn’t originally carry over to V2 with React Native, but have been able to now with their recent update. When looking a few pages deep in the app, simply tap the current tab to return to the default view. Note: This does not work with the Place tab, as it extends outside of a tabbed environment.

Ever heard of Mystery Boxes? We’ve added a nice way to open these bad boys back up. Simply interact with the item and select the new gold highlighted option. Think we’re going to stop here? No way… We have new items coming soon that will take advantage of this new extended context menu.

These are just some of the awesome things WallaBee 2.2.1 has to offer. Look for additional Forum updates in the near future. Get that notification? Not yet? We’re working on it. ūüėČ

Recent Item Highlights

Benson has been really busy getting around the world. Here are some items that you may have missed within the last week.

Flying Pins

Budget Wonder #108: “If you’re striking Eindhoven off your list, don’t split before you’ve visited this park”


Budget Wonder #100: “A visit to G√§vle during Christmas time will surely brighten your night”

Burning Gävlebocken

The arsonist strikes again!

Various players have been asking what the history is with this item. The short story, Stanley (featured in items like Obstacle Course, Ghosts, Relaxed Parents) was dropped at the Texas Fairgrounds the year that Big Tex burned down. WallaBee players blamed this tragic event on Stanley, which gave life to AC’s Burning Tex Player Unique. The real¬†G√§vlebocken in Sweden is burned down (almost) every Christmas by arsonists. Sometimes the¬†perpetrator is caught, where other years they get away. Benson believes he saw Stanley lighting the¬†G√§vlebocken on fire… but it could have just been a ghost.

Player Unique History

With more and more Player Uniques coming out, we want to spend a respectable amount of time learning more about them.¬†This week’s Player Unique Spotlight highlighted Tree Of Life. You can read more about this unique here.

Tree Of Life


This Week In WallaBee History

On November 5th, 2014 the entire Guy Fawkes Night was released. Six items dropped within six hours and six minutes. It seems that the founding WallaBee team had a sense of humor.

Room For Growth

We have compiled a list of issues that we are currently working on. If you find something that doesn’t fit into this list, please reach out to us and let us know.

  • Spinning Wheel of Death! Crashes! Ugggh! – We totally agree. We are working on this as a top priority. Although it is a main priority, it is solely dependent on backend development. As we also have to create frontend content, we will continue to create and fix things through app updates. We hope that this isn’t confusing anyone. We’re not trying to bury our trouble by adding more content. We are working on making WallaBee the great app we all know it is.
  • Battery drains like crazy – This is something I have personally been testing, and the cause is not the GPS like one might think. Yes, it’s a contributing factor, but it’s actually the store. Testing a version of the app without the store allowed me to keep my battery for MUCH longer than normal. We’re working out a proper fix for this.
  • Forum Notifications/Count are missing – Coming in a future update.
  • Lingering spinning wheels on item purchase – We are researching how to create items better, so that this issue goes away.
  • Some notifications (like comments) show as read when they haven’t been read – We are working on this fix.
  • Items showing as duplicated in pouch/place – This should be a simple fix on our end. We’ve made some changes already to combat this, but it may have not been completely fixed.
  • Performing an action that triggers a pop up sometimes ‘freezes,’ which needs a hard close to fix – This is a React Native issue that we’re trying to work around. You can follow the dev gossip here.
  • Market Items sometimes not available – This deals with a very rare situation where an item is removed from the market, but the listing is not updated. We are researching what’s causing this.
  • General slowness – Because the app runs completely off of an API, connection to WiFi or data is extremely important. If your coverage dips, your connection will also dip. This doesn’t explain every situation, but needs to be addressed. We are currently working on speeding the app up in various areas. You will notice that the forums perform MUCH faster than before. Our goal is to cut the slow, and speed it up, bro.

Community Content

This is a section of the blog where we will highlight any funny images or videos from the community. These may appear through links in the forums, on Facebook, guides on YouTube, or other sites.

Our first image comes from one of Benson’s recent stops – the Magic Tap – compliments of WiMPiE. Wim made a cut out of Benson so that he could actually be there in person. This was not a photoshop. Great job!


If you think someone’s content (or your own) is worthy of being highlighted, you can suggest by emailing support or tagging it with #WallaCommunity.

Any additional questions, comments, concerns? Email: support@wallabeegame.com

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