WallaBee 2.1.4 Notes

WallaBee 2.1.4

Long time no see! There’s a new update in the App Store and Google Play Store: Update 2.1.4


This version of WallaBee contains various bug fixes and text changes.

  • Store Third Row – We made adjustments, but they didn’t fix the issue. Hopefully we will have a fix on the next app update. The third row in the store “should” now behave like normal. We believe that the issue causing it to lock up has been resolved, but only time will tell (edited 9/29).
  • Item Context Menu – When recycling an item, the view now automatically reverts back to your pouch view.
  • Messaging – ‘Done’ has now been updated to ‘Return’ to reflect the true purpose of that button.
  • Uniques Page – Gathering information on Uniques now directs players to the correct locations.
  • Selling an Item – The popup message has been modified to remove the bit about being automatically removed from the market after 7 days.
  • Predictive Text – Report Place and Add A Place now have predictive/autocorrecting text.
  • GPS not found – When logging out of one account and logging in with another, the places tab would report a ‘cannot find gps’ screen. This has been fixed.
  • Android layout adjustments.
  • Added Munzee HQ Place Icon.
  • Last step away from wallab.ee! We’re now completely on WallaBeeGame.com and WallaBeeBlog.com

Questions, comments, concerns? Email: support@wallabeegame.com

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