Events Category!

The time has come, MrV said, to speak of many things:
Of store drops, and mixes, and foraging,
Of Set cards and Uniques.
And why the Pool is boiling hot
And whether ‘Squatch has wings.

Hey guys! Thanks for humoring me over the weekend! A lot happened that we want to touch on:

Events Category!

That’s right! We are adding a fun new category to the game: Events!

This new category will host a few different types of subcategories, including WallaBee hosted events and Player/Community supported events. What color is this adding, you may ask? Brown!

For those players that saw the MM5 unique rear its head on Saturday, you may have a few questions. Good news! We have some answers.

Question: Was the unique a WallaBee or Player Unique?

Answer: Player. The artwork was commissioned by a group of our players who were hosting the MM5 event. It was given out through a beta test of the new Event category locations. Even if that wasn’t the case, it acts no differently than a number of uniques that are already in existence.

Question: I saw users able to forage multiple of the unique… what gives?

Answer: You are correct. Multiple were able to be foraged, which is why the location was taken away very quickly. It was not the original plan. There was only supposed be one per player. The event was a great opportunity to test the mechanics, as we now know there are a few things that need to be worked out before it becomes a normal part of the game.

Question: What conditions need to be met for an official WB/Player event?


  • WallaBee Hosted: At least one WBHQ staff member will be at the location and set up the meet-up.or
  • Player Hosted: A staff member does not have to be present, but there must be at least 5 players in attendance. Other terms and conditions will be added when these go live.

Question: What do I receive at a WB/Player event?

Answer: This answer may change as the project grows and adapts, but really anything is possible. In the case of our beta test with MM5, there was a unique that was given out at the event, through the event location. We aren’t sure if there will be a new unique for each meet-up, but there may be something else to keep you busy. Talk has been made about making a new category of uniques for events, so there is less confusion as to whether the item is Player or WallaBee.Have a question that wasn’t answered here? Please email support.

New Set?

If you had the opportunity to catch the periscope broadcast on Saturday, you got a head start on knowing that there is a 20 card set coming soon.

Get ready for a Collaborative Storytelling adventure! Your houses will be heavily involved for this set. And no, before you ask, it’s not Specky 2.

Need to access the house forums for the first time? Mix the Transfiguration Professor with the Enchanted Hat.

When will this set come out? How will the storytelling occur? Is the legend of RedCarRobbie true? Only time can tell… but this set will be one for the history books.

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