Unique Friday 03-04

This might be the last of its kind for a while, but I think it will be enjoyable! If you are interested in commissioning your own unique, please wait to send us an email until the end of June. We will announce when the uniques queue will open back up.

Here are the last 4 uniques from the 1st wave of KickStarter uniques.


  • Description: Also known as Calvary, this location right outside the walls of Jerusalem marks a special point in history where something incredible happened. How To Get: Please contact Mookie02 regarding this unique.

American Goth

  • Description: What do you call a painting of someone who just tilled the farm in black lace?American Goth-Hick.
  • How To Get: Please contact AC regarding this unique.

ToysRGood’s Karate Kid

  • Description: This unique commemorates Henry’s first karate tournament – he did great and his mom is super proud!
  • How To Get: Please contact ToysRGood regarding this unique.

Triple Trouble!

  • Description: Matthew, Imogen, and William may not have everything they want in life and often prove troublesome, but they have a Mum who would never be without them and loves them more than anything in the world.
  • How To Get: Please contact Caz regarding this unique.
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